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Isometricshopinterior by Wolfeh12
I tried to make a shop's interior, in isometric view. I gave it a more run-down or old feeling to it.
Isometric buildings by Wolfeh12
Isometric buildings
My first attempt at making pixellated artwork. I did this freehand.

I accept thine criticism with open arms.
For those of you who somehow don't know who he is, he is the genius behind the Call of Cthulhu/ the Cthulhu Mythos. But you already know what Cthulhu is, or at least heard of it. However, that is the only Lovecraftian deity known to the majority of people. However, I read more of his stories, and the only reaction I could conjure is... Jesus Fucking Christ. Some of these things(the Great Old Ones), are so weird, and no one knows about them, so I'll educate the masses on what some of these are.
Cthulhu-The most famous of these beings, also the most familiar to people. Also has an unnatural obsession of killing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on this earth.]\
Ammutseba- Described as a mass of dark tentacles who absorbs falling stars into his mass.
Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg- Other than name you can't pronounce, it's described as a giant flying scorpion with an ants head.
Cthugha- Cthulhu's Daughter
Iod- a big, glowing...thing. That's honestly all it's described as.
Kanuzoth- A sea cucumber with five, amorphous eyes, chitin, and large, talon-ended appendages.
Xoxiigghua- A three eyed, octupoid parasitic monstrosity trapped in the mountains in Central America.


Nathan Schimeck
United States
I like reading. I prefer to read H.P Lovecraft, Orson Scott Card, and Warhammer novels. I don't like reading fanfics. Especially crossovers. As a general rule, I think crossovers all suck. I also spend time RPing on RPGuild, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and discussing modern events.

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